Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Last week, on the mean streets of Soho, the Red Stripe fueled opening night of Bromance, Jack Pearce�s first ever solo show, was well under way.
Housed in Atomica Gallery until October 25th, Jack�s inky illustrations depict friends just having a good old fashioned, lovely time together. Whether they�re skateboarding, or licking each other�s faces, the characters' wonderfully bendy limbs flail around in the most joyous way - we double dog dare you to look at Jack�s work and not smile.

Shirt: Muji 
Trousers: A charity shop find 
Socks: Muji 
Trainers: Somewhere in the U S of A 
Beard: Entirely Jack's own work 
(And in case you're wondering, he smells of "clean man")

You can read more about Bromance in Jack's interview with Huck Magazine.

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