Monday, July 29, 2013

Cat Eyes

Leather Jacket - H&M
Roscoe Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses (similar here) - Urban Outfitters 

Do you have an obsession with dressing your gadgets? I certainly do. Maybe it's remnants of my maternal days as a Tamagotchi owner (R.I.P. Turquoise & Yellow Gen 1 Tama, Tamagotchi Angel, Nano Pet Puppy, and even Giga Pet Little Mermaid) that I feel I must treat my tech with respect and decoration. And I openly admit I am drawn to anthropomorphized electronics -- sometimes I wander down the toy aisle in those mega stores and wonder what my life would be like if I only had a Furby. A downy-haired, chirpy-voiced, glassy-eyed Furby of my dreams. And then I shake my head and move it along.

However, when I found this black cat phone case for my Samsung S3, I pounced like a feral kitten. Love my Samsung, but cool cases are not readily available in real life marketplaces. And so like a new proud parent, I matched my outfit with my new case. But it's not just in the outside that counts -- I am quite particular about my home & lock screens. I recently found this lovely website, Poolga, that has beautiful and artistic options for your phone backgrounds. Now I must know how you baby your tech, readers! 

Into Distance by Ricky Meehan, Your Delirium by Joanna Gnaidy, Crystal Horse by Laura Rymer

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