Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cocktail Valentine's Sale @ Kiki's Fashion,Haille Selassie Rd,Oysterbay

 Dress designed by Kiki

With my mom,in Kiki's designs

So my mom was the first one to spend more than 500,000TShs,
wow thanx mama Tina,you are the best.

with Basilla Mwanukuzi

With Mariam of

With Adeline

With Sameera,thanx for the flowers girl..appreciated!

 With my neighbour Jacky of Jackies Bar,
she came to show us some love.

With missiepopular

With Sophy

 Joseline n Kiki

Kiki n Mariam

 With Monica

 Jullie and Kiki

 With Diana Muhere

Mariam,Kiki,Belinda and Chaya

With Maka and Aisha

Priscilya,Kiki,Yolanda and Jane

Mariam,Joseline,Kiki,Sophy n Basilla

Jenn n I

 With Salama n Christine

With Rio n Macrida

Cheers mama JJ

With Irene and a friend,Irene on the left was the second one to spend more than 500,000Tshs,and some people were complaining why my mom won the prize,so I promised to also give her a perfume as she has been a great customer ever since we started our business,thanx for your support Irene..

People were busy shopping

They say 'mteja ni mfalme',so I was busy serving them.

Time to pop champagne

 I love my customers

with beautiful people

 Pop Champagne..cheers to the good life!

Happy you guys

Cocktail Valentine's Sale was the best and very succesful,
thanx to those who came to support me,I had a great time,God bless you all,
The sale is still on till end of Feb,so if you didn't manage to come on sat,you can come anytime from 9:30am-7pm we are open from Monday to Sunday,


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