Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pep in Your Step!

The holidays are behind us and for us this always means a bit of post-reinforcement pause -- we lose some interest in shopping and spending because: A.) We are skint/broke. B.) The shops are filled with those awkward in-between seasons clothing items that are tempting but not immediately wearable. I see you, interesting cut-out spring dress, but I can't have you... not yet. 

I'm usually more likely to be buying a replacement set of gloves that have fallen to the wayside at this time of year. But, this where the internet comes in! I can virtually stalk purchases for S/S or browse through F/W sales while remaining cozy and warm at home. The fashion endorphins are still released. 

anya sarre, fashion stylist
Recently, Anya Sarre, one of Hollywood�s most influential trendsetters, introduced us to an up and coming online fashion store, ShoeDazzleA nationally recognized celebrity stylist, Sarre is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named �Best Television Fashion Stylist� for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood�s biggest celebrities. Of course we had to check out her recommendation! 

ShoeDazzle tailors a "showroom" to your specific fashion tastes monthly. Rachel Zoe is also now associated stylist for ShoeDazzle which makes the personalized stylist selections all the more exciting. The prices are in a reasonable price range (especially for post-holiday budgets). Here are Remotely Fashion's most desired picks:

(From right to left)
Bags: Bacavi, Aventura, Avra
Shoes: Dana, DianeSada

Anya Sarre also shared great tips to prevent that post new year's fashion-slump and to reinvigorate our closets:
"Make the most of online fashion retailers as you look for ideas. Check out the fun trends in basic shirts at StyleMint. Look for shoe inspiration at ShoeDazzle. Don't miss the latest accessory options at Birchbox and Stella & Dot. As you explore, you'll get a sense of where the trends are headed this year. You'll be able to evaluate colors and materials. You can create a list of wants to watch as the year progresses. Pay attention to the models used on these sites as this will provide creative ideas for mixing and matching components of your existing wardrobe." 
"Take your DIY fashion instincts to the Net by perusing sites like Pinterest. Whether you need ideas for great jewelry making projects or whether you need specific instructions for creating a knit scarf, Pinterest is likely to have what you want in abundance. You'll find unique color palettes and unusual materials to consider for use in your creation of accessories and separates. You can organize your plans and preferences easily with boards of your own, perfect for better managing your projects and ideas."
We thank Anya and ShoeDazzle for inspiring us and allowing us to remain sloth-like at home for a little longer while we plot our fashion choices for the new year!

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