Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More pictures of Flagship Store by Sheria Ngowi

Designed by Sheria Ngowi

Sheria n Kiki

 With my girl Mwamvita Makamba

With my baby girl Flaviana Matata

 Nacky n Kiki

 Nacky in Kiki's peplum top

Kiki and Adeline

Nancy Sumary,Sophy B,Kiki n Flavviana Matata

Faraja Kotta Nyarandu,Kiki,Sophy n Flavvy
With our Super Model Flaviana Matata

With my ladies Jullie n Joseline

With Bimdo

With my brother from another mother,am so proud of you Sheria..

Sheria Ngowi n Flaviana Matata

Sheria n Mrs Haki Ngowi


Champagne time..am so proud of you Mwamvita and Sheria..wish you a successful business.

Cheers people


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