Tuesday, September 20, 2011


yesterday i received a package with FOUR new jeans!
how amazing is that?!
the jeans are from kasil workshop

i just have to say: the quality of the jeans are amazing!
besides that..
the first two (the dark ones) are kind of coated and have a minimalistic gloss.
the third one has a perfect 'wash' and the fourth has just an amazing colour.

some info about the brand:
kasil founder and creative director david lim got his first foray into fashion
at a young age while working alongside his father at their custom tailoring business,
which has been established since 1968.
it was in this family-owned shop in los angeles that lim envisioned a collection beyond
suits that would translate to a modern, casual, youthful demographic.
lim decided to launch premium denim brand kasil in 2002.
today, kasil workshop offers innovative silhouettes achieved through classsic
and authentic tailoring techniques using only the highest quality of american, italian
and japanese denim.
every signature garment is created by hand and features unique, defining characteristics.
it is one of a kind mentality that make each pair a custom creation.

but there's one thing, till now it's not for sale at every country.
i spoke with david lim and he really want to bring his brand to other countries!
so.. stay tuned if you want to know more of this great brand,
'cause maaaaybe i'll do some marketing stuff with him on my blog :)


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